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Sewers & Manholes

Engineering – Geomatics
The Files were posted in March, 2021 and will be updated as required.
These files are created from polylines and points that make up the Storm, Sanitary and Combined sewer segments and manholes. The manholes and sewer segments have various information as show in the attributes below.
The linework and points are maintained by the Geomatics Division and work together with the IMS Division to add the various attributes.
Sewer Segments - Storm, Sanitary or Combined
Manholes - Manhole Number, various inverts and manhole top elevation.
SHP formatted data are projected in UTM, NAD83, Zone 17 Metric and LL84. DWG files are projected in UTM, NAD83, Zone 17, Metric. KMZ files have automatic transformation when applied.
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