City of Windsor Open Data Catalogue

Open Data Catalogue

City of Windsor Planning Department
This does not constitute an endorsement by Statistics Canada of this product.

The data on this page originates from The Government of Canada Open Data Portal.

It has been reorganized and exported as shapefiles into an ArcGIS File Geodatabase for analysis at the City of Windsor's Planning District and Electoral Ward geographies. The following files are provided for information purposes only.

The data is centroid-based, and the Canada Census geographies from which it is adapted do not necessarily align with the Planning District or Electoral Ward boundaries. This may result in an over-representation or under-representation of the population of any individual Planning District or Electoral Ward.

The files related to the Electoral Wards and Planning Districts can be found in Electoral_Wards and Planning Districts zip files. The PD_EW_Key file contains the keys and base shapefiles. Boundary files can be downloaded from the Statistics Canada website.

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