City of Windsor Open Data Catalogue

Open Data Catalogue

Engineering – Geomatics
The Geomatics attempts to contact local school boards for updates as they become aware of them.  School files were updated September, 2022.
These point files represent the location of various schools within the boundary of the City of Windsor, from four school boards, for both elementary and secondary schools.
The City of Windsor is not responsible for this data but attempts to validate this information yearly or more frequently as required. The coordinates are for the approximate location of the various schools.
The attributes include the Name, Address, School Board, URL and Northing and Easting or Latitude/Longitude depending on file format.
SHP formatted data are projected in UTM, NAD83, Zone 17 Metric and LL84. CSV formatted data is projected in LL84. DWG file is projected in UTM, NAD83, Zone 17 Metric. KMZ files have automatic transformation when applied.
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